IT NonStop: IT Travel Trends

18 Listopada 2017, 09:00 (Sobota)

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IT NonStop is a series of conferences organized by DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions. IT NonStop conferences will be held in 5 cities across Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. Each of the conferences focuses on a particular aspect of IT development, and they are all dedicated to specific projects and practical solutions

IT Travel Trends - 18th of November 2017, Wroclaw

Personalized customer service, chat bots, online travel concierge services, they all transform the travel and hospitality industry. But further business development is to a large extent dependent on the application of the newest technologies. At the conference we will talk about Artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and conversational interfaces, as well as other IT solutions that drive changes in the travel sector.

- Alex Popov, Site Engineering Lead, Skyscanner
- Elena Nikolaeva, Software Developer,, the Netherlands
- Marcin Pilarczyk, Data scientist, Ryanair, Poland
- Igor Leontiev, Lead Architect, VISEO group worldwide, France
- Alexander Trishchenko, Senior JavaScript Developer, DataArt Poland
- Tatiana Kharlamova, Marketing Analyst, DataArt Poland
- Julia Falaleeva, Senior Account Director, DataArt, United Kingdom
- Alexander Chichenin, Solutions Architect, DataArt, Russia
- Valentina Zotova, Project Manager, DataArt Poland
- Alexandr Khmil, Project Manager, 3D Expert DataArt Poland

Speakers Agenda.

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